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Introducing Suicide

-There’s something About the Boys To Men Song, ‘Now That We’ve Come, To The End Of The Road, there’s something about an end on the map 02/18/2011

Suicide (Latin suicidium, from sui caedere, "to kill oneself") is the act of a human being intentionally causing his or her own death. ...

What is suicide?

Suicide is the process of purposely ending one's own life. The way societies view suicide varies widely according to culture and religion. For example, many Western cultures, as well as mainstream Judaism, Islam, and Christianity tend to view killing oneself as quite negative. One myth about suicide that may be the result of this view is considering suicide to always be the result of a mental illness. Some societies also treat a suicide attempt as if it were a crime. However, suicides are sometimes seen as understandable or even honorable in certain circumstances, such as in protest to persecution (for example, hunger strike), as part of battle or resistance (for example, suicide pilots of World War II; suicide bombers) or as a way of preserving the honor of a dishonored person (for example, killing oneself to preserve the honor or safety of family members).

Health care use

•Number of emergency department visits for self-inflicted injury: 472,000
Source: National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey: 2007 Emergency Department Summary, table 13

Nearly 1 million people worldwide commit suicide each year, with anywhere from 10 million to 20 million suicide attempts annually. About 30,000 people reportedly kill themselves each year in the United States. The true number of suicides is likely higher because some deaths that were thought to be an accident, like a single-car accident, overdose, or shooting, are not recognized as being a suicide. Suicide is the eighth leading cause of death in males and the 16th leading cause of death in females. The higher frequency of completed suicides in males versus females is consistent across the life span. In the United States, boys 10-14 years of age commit suicide twice as often as their female peers. Teenage boys 15-19 years of age complete suicide five times as often as girls their age, and men 20-24 years of age commit suicide 10 times as often as women their age. Gay, lesbian, and other sexual minority youth are more at risk for thinking about and attempting suicide than heterosexual teens.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for people 10-24 years of age. Teen suicide statistics for youths 15-19 years of age indicate that from 1950-1990, the frequency of suicides increased by 300% and from 1990-2003, that rate decreased by 35%. However, from 2000-2006, the rate of suicide has gradually increased, both in the 10-24 years and the 25-64 years old age groups. While the rate of murder-suicide remains low at 0.0001%, the devastation it creates makes it a concerning public-health issue.

Apostle’s Note

-Apostle Bradford here, nothing in particular prompted this post, and that is even more concerning, as this is to mean Holy Spirits know something we don’t or we just won’t to realize. I was transporting files when I ran upon this poem taken from the work Blain Daniel, again an unpublished work, but I'm working hard to at least have it available to you online.
-Her name is Ca're, she is the one of Blain Daniel's co-worker who is convinced she's to have him or die. Though there's nothing between the two, never has been again is Ca're instead persuaded Blain Daniel is all in the world to her or for her. All of her co-workers know how she feel about him, but none of them know how extremely, even mentally disturbed she has become because of these unanswered by him ever feelings.
-Learning of his recent marriage to one workplace lesbian Ninth Symphony Artz, does this alone trigger the suicidal tendencies I suspect at one time or another in us all. Wasting no time does she seek him out of a workplace conference, inquire of him of this inconceivable to her news and just before this workplace heart throb can get this admission out completely Ca’re pull a gun.
-Because she like many others is head over hill with his appearance, his looks, she can’t bring herself to shoot him in the head, thus she set the killing tool well into his hunky chest and she pull the trigger. This is where she witness him with this literally indescribable look of awe on his face at falling to his knees, does she then demonstrate pointing the gun additionally to each of hers eyes. This to him is to say see me, and she again pull the trigger, slaying herself with the harsh reality she and her lover Blain Daniel will be together forever.
-The clever poem below is a now slain Ca’re describing to Creighton Blain Daniel’s suicidal brother, as he and his girlfriend Blake Vinsin are plotting a Romeo and Juliet scenario on their own, is she describing to him what happen once she pulled the trigger. Describing to him not only in this scene but for now on will Ca’re be able to commune with Creighton from the dead, creeping right into his ears, his head Always describing to him the black, perilous stages of damnation and doom she has by an indescribable delusion cast herself into.
-Of course she await her love Blain, but what seem like an eternity, in a place more dark and consuming she’s to ever, ever imagine there is no Blain Daniel as of yet. Of course there won’t be, Blain is Born Again, have been since he was a child, thus the black, eerie void, slowly claiming her one identity, her one consciousness will never be Blain Daniel’s faith. Although I had no premeditated plans this morning to make this post, I came upon the 2003 poem below, read it, how extraordinary and I decided to post it. I then went on to search after certain statistics surrounding suicide.
-The last time I was actually encouraged to do a post about suicide, again, this wasn’t planned, you must realize this. Just as so the last time I was encouraged to do a similar post where I felled behind from doing so, was just before the young man killed himself in view of a video camera and the internet. I know there are those of you who’re to say people taking their own lives is their business, yes, but it’s God’s business as well. This is because all life on this planet, lineage from the first Adam, all life belong to God, and when you end a life, yours or there’s, that is sin, (Thou Shalt Not Kill)…

-Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord Jesus Christ, that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them…Rev. 13:14

Here Thee a Parable 04/10/2008/02/21/2011


The Anamnesis and the spirit of 07/12/2003

-When I took that killing tool Dear Creighton and released it so happily at securing our romantic future did its cold, pitiless projectile directly prick my foreskin. This blood, substance and truly I kid you not I yet hear, seemingly with ceaseless peril the hacking, cracking and sawing of that defensive skeleton releasing out of its skillful carcass what I’d labored life and living for twenty plus one years. Then Creighton the fantastic, this literally indescribable, it was as though I was a caged bird being set free at soaring into the unknown yonder, yes wild, yes free and at a serenity dear one.
-Then an even more miraculous thing, I wasn’t alone, they were as birds themselves, yes by the thousands themselves, yes all flocking toward this hospitable weightless-ness, this divine worthiness of songs, voices and tall tales. When dear Creighton just as abruptly a heaviness took place, a swelling vulgar ness. Truly a loutish even boorish spasm as one is to instead clip said wings and you’re not just falling but you’re being abducted and confiscated. Even Dear Creighton consumed skin from skin, blood from blood, as so spirit and soul from spirit and soul.
-It’s there Dear Creighton the great, glorious light upon which you’re to abide as this unthinkable tranquility that seem now only an arm length away. Ok stretching, extending hands and spread out fingers away grow all the more dim, dark and soon a black void. You could swear Dear Creighton you’re screaming your loudest scream, that you’re fighting your most urgent fight, as so is there this irritating, drilling and soul altering outcry at trying to rewind it all, have a change of heart. Then this resounding indistinctness Creighton, yes this escalating imprecision, this stripper of all things being human and you’re beyond lifelessness, you’re disaster-prone.

To help get this work published, that I'm to place it into the hands of the masses, especially the young, please send your financial gift payable to Patricia A. Bradford, 3569 Monessen Drive, Memphis TN. 38128. From A Painting In The Dark, Patricia A Bradford, Apostle (Apb.), The Rising Above Ministry, (RAM) (C) Copyright 2003-2011 By: R.A.M., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

Prophecy Links

The Rise Of The Anti-Christ

-Seen To Be Seeing In Large Print, the world SIN, as so the number 666, as just recently I saw a puzzle image of 666 as it felt as though it was being burrowed agonizingly into my skull 05/13/2010 (see man of sin II Thess. 2nd Chapter.)
-Seen to be seeing celebrating in our streets a mighty, marching cover or banner of red, our streets being made red all the more on the map 05/20/2010 (see second seal)
-Seen to be seeing a finger write the last letters of the name Michael, a hand writing AEL, of the name Michael (see God’s army, commander, the archangel Michael)
-Seen to be receiving a mark on my hand, getting marked on the hand, like the mark of the beast frightfully on the map 05/20/2010
- -There's something about bomb threats, explosions and being taken captive, something about using a lengthy strand of hair to measure all the death, dying and gore 05/19/2010 (see Rev. 14:17-20, God's wrath, six feet, see unprecedented tribulation).

And This Shall Be The End

-I was caught up in visions and dreams this morning, 08/10/2010, I wish I could tell you what I saw and heard but the truth is I don't rightly know. That's correct, like it was routine, or it just wasn't that important, only as I began to wake I heard a voice say and I quote, "and this shall be the end." My Christ Jesus, who's about to be on the earth, you should've seen me trying to do like this re-run or trying to take what I supposedly heard and saw more serious, 'and this shall be the end.'
-As so and just as recent as a couple of days ago, I looked into a dream whereas I witness this extraordinary making for or toward the border crossing. Although in the dream my spouse and myself knew there was this mass getaway, that we knew how there was panic all around. The truth is we just weren’t in any hurry, sincerely this mass panic could represent many of places and people throughout this country and world. Though it is just another sign how nothing on this planet, especially in this nation America is to be taken for granted, no more peace and safety, but sudden destruction continuously.

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: Selah: You Deliver Me

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince of Peace, and get us the Victory

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