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Sioux, Medicine and Suicide

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-There’s something About the Boys To Men Song, ‘Now That We’ve Come, To The End Of The Road, there’s something about an end on the map 02/18/2011
-Seen to be writing the number 11 over again, the number 11, meaning Kabaaz, the word, place or person Kabazz double it’s meaning is on the map 1998, 02/27/2011, (see Islam, see the birth of Islam, see Islam venerated as Holy). -A Voice Decalring:Synchronize (harmonize, coordinate) Judah, the nation of Israel, of Judaism, about bringing her into line prophetically on the map 02/14/2010 Seen to be buying a truck, an extra manner of transportation, its seen to be filled with a harvest of fruits vegetables and spiders, there’s something about spiders, even super spiders, bugs, unthinkable forms of insects, of outbreaks on the map 01/17/2011

Arise Sioux Noel Deburk

-From this scene out of the work Beast Of Beauty, Wr. 1992-1996, you will meet seven Native American brothers, they have a ritual in their family, every time one of these sons is to reach the age of 17.7 years. It is here they’re shipped from America to Paris France where they join the family ministry, the Paris Globe. Two of them, Arise Sioux Noel, Medicine Bow Sign, with one other joining, charging Apache Arrow , they’re sitting here discussing what happens when we, when mankind die, even kill themselves. That though mankind is made to believe, even in ways most rebellious, are they made to believe either life doesn’t go on. Or mankind are all destine to a place in heaven and they are, the eternal spirit, godliness they are going back to its divine foundation. Though these beliefs that all are destined to heaven is more antichrist, than the cross of Christ, as a curse of damnation await the unrepentant, though who shall believe this report?

The Anamnesis and the spirit of 02/28/2011

Introducing Suicide

To Suicide 02/28/2011

“So did you read it, the Anamnesis and the Spirit?” “Catch your breath Medicine Bow and I’ll tell you, ---ok, ok,” as one unloading his breakfast tray into a calm had he in all of his life not heard of such an interesting tale. “Yes I read it, it’s amazing, now tell me more about it, ok the guy who wrote it said she, this Ca’re person has spoken to him from the dead.” “Well we’re talking about workplace violence here, apparently she shot him to kill him, that they’re to be together forever.” “Then he said she point the gun to each of her eyes, and pulled the trigger killing herself, he has been able to hear her talking to him from this ill fate every since.” “Wait she shot him?” “Yes, in the chest, he think her infatuation with him prevented her from shooting him in the head, he’s unthinkably injured,” as one shaking his milk so, readying a bowl of cereal did they have like this incredible day of work ahead, after his classes that is. “But he lived, anyway, it gets even more stunning, the person she’s directing herself to, this Creighton person, it’s this fellow’s baby brother.” “Then Sioux even more mind-boggling, at the time he receive this significant gift brother Creighton and his girl Lea are both planning a Romeo and Juliet syndrome all their own.” “Blain Daniel, that’s his name by the way, it seem Creighton is his suicidal baby brother, ---my god is Jesus, yes, because Blain Daniel never would’ve told his brother what was happening to him if Ca’re wasn’t directing herself to him, causing him, them this suicidal pair to retract their plans, though.” Witness as one peering away solemnly into a large spoon of cereal, a sip of Juice, even into contemplating a bite of a blue berry bagel, was this eerie intermission even more concerning. “Though what?” “Well regardless of this forewarning, this divine premonition, let’s just say Lea doesn’t take the bait so to speak and off herself.” “That’s kill herself all in Creighton’s presence, awaiting him that he’s to do the same and now this Creighton fellow is overcome with immense grief, I guess you can say Sioux he’s on suicide watch.” “Lord have mercy on us all, though he has, Jesus is Christ, maybe, is this why the anamnesis speaks to this Blame Daniel, but direct it’s message at Creighton." "How it isn’t just Ca’re, but this Lea person as well, how they have in some extraordinary way found a way to forewarn the living. ” “Wow, didn’t see that, but, wow, anyway Sioux, you remember that couple you told me about, the one you explain, well you gave a biblical explanation of why man being a tripod.” "This of course means he’s, that they’re temporal flesh, eternal spirit and eternal soul, how he then cannot kill himself, you remember that and all?” "Yeah, sure, that this is why God most of all command us not to kill, because only the temporal life ends, eternity await the dead, either eternal life or Medicine, eternal death, all as you say according to biblical scripture.” “Though most of all Medicine the dead and dying giving these amazing stories about the light they see themselves merging into, well as you read Care’s unthinkable testimonial.” “It apparent she’s describing this wonderful, beyond belief light that soon change, I think Ca’re is here describing the separation of the soul and spirit once the house body can no longer sustain life.” “We destroy the house, murder, suicide, genocide, what have you, the only thing beside the curse of death mankind on this planet have power over.” “Though once the house is gone, that power falls either to the light of life, Jesus or the outer darkness, God’s right to wrath, to punish and judge” “This is to mean?” “Well we’re told in the living word how the spirit ascend back to God who gave it right?" "That the soul that sin shall die, meaning perish, and how it is appointed unto all mankind once to die and after this the judgment.” This mean the great white throne judgment as described in revelation, how the dead small and great, from every eventuality on this planet, the deep and even this universe will be summoned before the judgment seat of God/Christ.” I” again believe what Ca’re is describing when at first she’s being caught into this literally indescribable manner of peace, safety and tranquility, and everything to die for, that this is what most people with near death experiences are actually describing just before they’re again made self aware.” “Then just as soon everything begin to change , there’s instead this breaking apart, even Medicine this vulgar tearing apart, no doubt the ripping apart of eternal spirit and eternal soul." "Of eternal godliness and eternal consciousness now doomed to a an outer darkness again unutterable, that it is then Medicine." "This now doom for all eternity Anamnesis describing in shocking detail that what she has found by ending her earthly existence isn’t an unpronounced love affair but this indescribable pit of darkness, void and mind consuming fear." "Honestly, the one thing in all the world again mankind fear, not just death, but eternal death and after this indescribable horror Medicine, there’s the judgment, and of course hell.” "Though Jesus is the first begotten of the dead, that those who die in him, die knowing to be separate from this temporal house of pending disaster is to be present with this Lord Christ, of course not by way of suicide.” “I know Medicine what you’re thinking, how people come back with these elaborate stories, yes, but the emphasis Medicine is that they come back, what they see and experience as the Spirit hastily return back to the Supreme throne who gave it is I’m sure unfathomable." "Though if they could see that of which their souls is going through, this same transformation from life to death, from carnal mind to eternal awareness." "Of course it would be more like what Ca’re is describing as the spirit and soul by a divine manner of predestination part ways, one to eternal life, as the soul unredeemed, one to eternal death.” "So medicine," as one hastily helping himself to their table carrying only a cup of hot coffee and a bagel was he a little upset at baby brother. "What part of give me a heads up before you leave didn’t you understand?” “Sorry, I had to catch Sioux before we got to the globe, so did you read, this Anamnesis thing, yes, sadly I did, and?” And, look suicide is nothing but this vulgar, even insidious, even ridiculous manner of saving ones life only to lose it forevermore, it’s flirting with disaster, even eternal disaster." "According to Massieh, yes Sioux your Maasieh, the dark, black void most are to cast themselves into make death seem like a Sunday picnic with ice cream on top." "So what do we do, how do we help?” "First Medicine you’re talking about people who would rather go on hating us than listen to us, people who actually take pleasure in these Russian Roulette manner of scenarios, like it’s all a game to them." "Look Satan’s seat which is two millenniums more profound than in Christ’s day, he's sitting in a very prestigious place where mankind’s hatred, rebellion and thus unrepentance has placed him.” “it is here this indescribable evil dictate, at man’s wicked will all religious assembly, and I do mean all.” “You going to tell him, you know about that dream, no, I mean I really Sioux don’t have time, it’s not the kind of dream that you just, that you just, you know, I got to go.” “Look, the most astonishing manner of forbidden love, that both demonic and satanic fractions will spend eternity in hell for warring against, it’s divine reality.” “It is Medicine that of an Almighty God falling heads over hills in love with human kind and laying all eternity in the balance, of this indescribable continuation.” “I mean making Himself, as so all eternity this vulnerable, with Him becoming flesh that He’s to sacrifice Himself as a blood offering to redeem this man from himself, from this crafted by man doom estate.” “Truly anything else is just the wicked hearts of man all supervised by either demonic possession or Satanic oppression seeking to steal, kill and destroy,where there continually envy, jealousy and strife, confusion and every evil work, it’s all the immortal that mortals forgot.” “ Wow, I like that, say that again, can’t, Sura Danielle is to kill me, I told her, that’s promised her, pinky swear and all, I would be there on time, no doubt Medicine I’m to tell her it was all your fault.” “Anyway Medicine I didn’t say it, Maaseiah said it, the article the Immortal that mortals forgot, as they forfeit eternity, God’s throne, for the temporal, a cold grave and eternity yes, but with their early father in the damned.” For they said the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12.

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

To help get this work published, that I'm to place it into the hands of the masses, especially the young, please send your financial gift payable to Patricia A. Bradford, 3569 Monessen Drive, Memphis TN. 38128. From A Painting In The Dark, Patricia A Bradford, Apostle (Apb.), The Rising Above Ministry, (RAM) (C) Copyright 2003-2011 By: R.A.M., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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The Rise Of The Anti-Christ

Seen to be writing the number 11 over again, the number 11, meaning Kabaaz, the word, place or person Kabazz double it’s meaning is on the map 1998, 02/27/2011, (see Islam, see the birth of Islam, see Islam venerated as Holy,).
-Seen to be seeing celebrating in our streets a mighty, marching cover or banner of red, our streets being made red all the more on the map 05/20/2010 (see second seal)
There's something about bomb threats, explosions and being taken captive, something about using a lengthy strand of hair to measure all the death, dying and gore 05/19/2010 (see Rev. 14:17-20, God's wrath, six feet, see unprecedented tribulation).

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: Selah: Praise Him, Where Grace Is

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince of Peace, and get us the Victory


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